The SMSF Club | Online Reporting Platform
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Online Reporting Platform

Fast, accurate daily investment reporting for your SMSF

The SMSF Club online reporting platform is an automated solution designed to manage the ongoing administration, bookkeeping, accounting and reporting needs for your SMSF.

In additional to the ongoing bookkeeping and accounting needs, The SMSF Club online reporting portal provides you with complete visibility of your entire SMSF investment portfolio in one spot. You can view your SMSF bank account, share investments, managed funds, SMSF property, and most other investments held within your SMSF on one screen. This allows you to make timely investment decisions to enable you to better manage your SMSF investment portfolio.

SMSF Reporting, Bookkeeping, and Administration

The SMSF Club Online reporting platform streamlines all aspects of SMSF administration. This reporting function ensures you can be proactive rather than reactive like most other SMSF accounting providers when managing contribution limits, tax minimisation, and compliance obligations.

As The SMSF Club manages all reporting, accounting, and bookkeeping obligations you can spend your time on managing your SMSF investment portfolio.

Previously I used my accountant to manage my SMSF accounting needs, however my accountant relied on me to do the ongoing bookkeeping of my Self Managed Super Fund. It appeared as though I was doing all of the work and the accountant charged me for the privilege. The time and cost savings from moving from a manual book keeping system that I had to do myself, to The SMSF Club has been spectacular. We now don’t have to worry about compiling all the paperwork for tax time as The SMSF Club does this. They also do all of the accounting requirements. We can spend our time to make better investment decisions. The stress of being non compliant is also reduced giving us the freedom to sleep at night knowing our SMSF is compliant.” Jason and Shay

A feature-rich solution that greatly simplifies managing your SMSF Investment Portfolio

The SMSF Club online reporting platform has an extensive set of features that simplify the management of your SMSF investment portfolio. The solution provides daily investment balances and valuations; automatic income generation driven from ASX and foreign market announcement data; automated accounting of foreign assets; instant property valuations – and lots more.

I login to my SMSF Online portal every few days. Having just one location where I can view my entire SMSF investment portfolio drastically reduces the time and stress in managing my SMSF investments. This makes managing my investment decisions so much easier.” Shaun

Stay in control of your SMSF

The SMSF Club online reporting platform puts you in complete control of your SMSF. With daily access to your investment portfolio, which provides a complete breakdown as to where you have decided to invest your SMSF, you are in complete control and can make timely investment decisions. You can invest with the added confidence needed to be a successful investor.

We established a SMSF to be in control of our super. The SMSF online portal gives us the information required so we can make informed, compliant, and hopefully successful investment decisions.” George and Robyn

Sample Reports

Contribution Caps

The government provides attractive tax concessions for you to make contributions to superannuation however they have imposed limits to these amounts. If you breach these contribution caps the penalties are significant. To ensure you can proactively manage your contributions and in doing so minimising your overall tax liability, The SMSF Online reporting platform provides up to date contributions that have been made for each member. This gives you the information required to proactively manage your tax position and take advantage of the generous tax concessions available for contributions made into super. It also allows you to make informed planning decisions towards the end of the financial year.

Investment snapshot

The investment snapshot provides you with a quick summary of your investment portfolio broken down into asset classes; cash, listed securities, direct property, fixed income and other SMSF investments.

Investment Valuation Report

The investment valuation report provides you with a detailed summary of all of your SMSF investments in one location.

These valuations are updated daily giving you complete visibility of your SMSF investment portfolio and providing you with all of the information needed to stay in control of your SMSF investments.