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Investing in shares

Buying Shares In Your SMSF

As The Trustee Of Your SMSF, You Will Be In Control Of Deciding What Assets Your SMSF Is Going To Invest In, And What Investment Strategy You Are Going To Follow.

As such, it is of critical importance to build a strong knowledge base about the various investment alternatives available. After all, the higher the return you can achieve within super, the longer your money will last, and the better your lifestyle will be in retirement.

So How Do You Make Your Choice?

Firstly you need to increase your knowledge about the investment options available to invest your SMSF money.


You can buy shares in many different companies on the share market, spread across various asset classes, countries, and sectors. Irrespective of the size of your super, you can gain a well diversified portfolio using the share market which is liquid. This is one of the main advantages shares have over property when it comes to investment choice inside of super.


*Past performance does not indicate future performance.