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Precious Metals

The SMSF Club Metal Desk

The SMSF Club Metal Desk

Metal Desk is a joint initiative between The SMSF Club and Bullion Capital to enable SMSF investors to own allocated physical precious metals – Gold, Silver, Platinum can all be purchased using our interactive trading platform.

The custom-built trading platform, Metal Desk, has been specifically designed to make physical bullion trading simple, secure and efficient for SMSF Trustees.

Why Own Precious Metals within your SMSF

The unique properties of allocated physical precious metal allow you to diversify your investment portfolio.

Allocations to precious metals as an asset class have been proven to reduce portfolio risk.

Precious metals have a long history as a store of value, while remaining relatively uncorrelated with the equity markets. These features make precious metals highly useful as both a hedge against inflation and as a protector from deflation.

Being virtually indestructible and having no liability attached to it, physical gold has preserved wealth as a safe haven asset throughout the ages.

With Metal Desk you hold allocated title to your gold, silver or platinum investment. This ensures that your ownership remains intact and that your investment is always your outright legal property; you have made a true safe haven investment.

Buying and Selling Allocated Physical Bullion:

You can now invest in allocated physical gold, silver and platinum using an online platform in the same way that you would trade shares.

Multiple organisations (liquidity providers and market makers) located around the world provide live pricing 23 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Through the Metal Desk online trading platform you have access to this unique allocated physical precious metal exchange, which gives you the ability to tap into and enjoy the exchange’s higher liquidity and tighter spreads; key considerations of any investor.

Physical Bullion – Stored in world class vaults, not a paper contract. Retain complete ownership and control over your investment

Secure – Triple- layered security features; stored and insured by leading secure logistic operators, verified by Inspectorate, audited by BDO. Simply the most secure physical bullion investment solution.

Invest Globally – Own Physical metals in locations around the world, including Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, London, Zurich & New York.

Platform Features

Order execution – The Metal Desk order management and matching feature provides low latency routing and matching, enabling clients to buy and sell at the best prices, as the market moves in real-time.

Simplicity – Through one consolidated interface, users can execute trades, manage orders, monitor physical holdings and generate reports, all in real-time.

Accessibility – Being a web-based platform, clients can access Metal Desk from anywhere, bringing previously unknown investment accessibility.

Trading Technology

Metal Desk is the web-based trading platform which provides access to the physical precious metal exchange.

Metal Desk has been specifically engineered for the trade of physical bullion, allowing SMSF trustees  to trade, and store bullion in just a few clicks.


Metal Desk allows you to monitor live market prices and enables instant order execution and trade settlement.

  • Full market depth: shows all the price levels available in the market for each precious metal product traded, giving an indication of total market demand and supply.
  • Holdings management: allows you to monitor and manage your bullion inventory.
  • Customisable watchlist: organise and focus your precious metal trading by creating watchlists to keep a close eye on the products you are most interested in.
  • Full account activity reporting: 24 hour access to live and historic account activity.

To find out more about the Metal Desk trading platform download The SMSF Club Metal Desk guides below;

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To open a Metal Desk trading account Click here