The SMSF Club | Awards
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The SMSF Club wins at The Investors Choice Awards.

The Investors Choice Awards, an initiative of one of Australia’s leading media companies, Sterling Publishing, has been created to highlight the best professionals who are helping everyday Australians achieve their investment dreams.  The awards cover a number of professional service providers from buyer’s agents locating and negotiating properties to the accountants supporting investors who are seeking tax efficiencies to build bigger and more effective portfolios.

Being recognised with an Investors Choice Award is the ultimate accolade in a profession where trust is essential and results are expected.

The voters voted for their business of choice in four key areas:

  • Value for money – the value provided compared to the dollar amount paid.
  • Quality of advice/ service – the quality of the support offered based on how well they serviced their needs, met their expectations, offered value, achieved desired outcomes or displayed expertise.
  • Customer experience – the overall customer experience, taking into account factors such as customer support, communication, accessibility, speed of delivery or any other factor.
  • Net Promoter Score– This is a universal rating system used by businesses over the world that indicated how likely someone is to recommend a product or services to friends or colleagues. It’s a simple benchmark that quickly indicates a holistic view of a company and how happy someone was in utilising them.
The SMSF Club’s clients voted for us – and we won!
Investors Choice NSW

SMSF Advisor New South Wales – The SMSF Club

Investors Choice VIC

SMSF Advisor Victoria – The SMSF Club

Investors Choice SA

SMSF Advisor South Australia – The SMSF Club

Investors Choice WA

SMSF Advisor Western Australia – The SMSF Club