The SMSF Club | The Top 6 Membership Privileges of The SMSF Club
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The Top 6 Membership Privileges of The SMSF Club

The SMSF Club is a membership program designed to help people take control of their superannuation investment decisions. With an extensive network throughout Australia, The SMSF Club, integrates a tailored education program with accounting, compliance, and investment support. We help clients throughout every stage of the SMSF process while also ensuring they are informed, responsible, compliant trustees of their SMSF.

The Top 6 Membership Privileges of The SMSF Club


1. Ongoing Education

It is popular and very Politically Correct to say that “knowledge is power”, however this is deceptively misleading and can lead all too easily to “knowledgeable” complacency. Only APPLIED knowledge is power. Understanding, on the other hand is the impetus that drives that application. It is simply not in your best interest (or ours) for any of us to simply tell you what to do. It takes the process of quality of education and “getting it” in your mind to form the most solid and persistently successful outcome for you.

Once you become a member of The SMSF Club you will be provided with ongoing education material. Some of which will include:

  • Home Study DVD Program – The Home Study DVD package covers the main factors you need to consider when managing a SMSF, presented by industry experts.
  • Superannuation Guides – The superannuation guides, will provide you with the initial education required to understand superannuation and the various investment alternatives available. There are numerous guides which will help you to understand what is super, how to buy property using your super, personal risk insurance and estate planning.
  • Monthly Webinars – The SMSF Club runs monthly live webinars, which will provide you with ongoing education from industry experts. These webinars enable you to be a compliant informed trustee to make your investment decisions.
  • Weekly Technical Updates & Monthly ‘Super Matters’ Newsletter – The technical updates and our newsletter, will keep you informed of any important legislative changes.
  • Live Mentoring Workshops and Master Classes – You will be invited and encouraged to attend our mentoring workshops and master classes, which we hold all around the country throughout the year. The SMSF Club provides members with regular education in an open forum designed specifically to help you learn, grow and protect your SMSF. At these mentoring sessions industry experts will cover technical updates, SMSF investment opportunities, economic updates, educate you about your trustee legal obligations, and provide comprehensive compliance training. At these workshops you will also have the opportunity to network with other passionate, like-minded individuals who are also taking control of their super.
  • Online Mentoring Library – as a SMSF Club member you will have exclusive access to our mentoring library. The online library is where all of our superannuation guides, newsletters, mentoring webinars and other important information is stored.

2. Full Accounting and Administration

Our professional team of accountants, lawyers and investment managers will provide all of the required book keeping, online reporting and financial preparation for your SMSF requirements.

  • Bookkeeping – With the assistance of the online portal, The SMSF Club reconciles your SMSF on a daily basis. As we manage the booking and administration needs of your SMSF including preparing your financials, you can concentrate on the exciting side of having a SMSF, investing.
  • Financial Preparation – At the end of each financial year your SMSF is required to prepare audit, and lodge financials with the ATO. The SMSF Club prepares and facilitates this for you. All you need to do is review the financials, sign the documents, and return them directly to The SMSF Club. We will take care of the rest.
  • Auditing Service – The SMSF Club will arrange the audit of your SMSF from a panel of auditors who are all external and unrelated parties of The SMSF Club. By managing the financial compliance and accounting obligations for you, the usual stress associated with managing your SMSF have been significantly reduced which freesup time so you can concentrate on the reason why your established an SMSF in the first place – investing.

3. Online Portfolio Reporting Platform

The SMSF Club online reporting platform is an automated solution designed to manage the ongoing administration and reporting needs for your SMSF. We provide you with complete visibility of your entire SMSF investment portfolio in one spot, which allows you to make timely investment decisions to enable you to better manage your SMSF investment portfolio. You can view your SMSF bank account, share portfolio, managed funds, SMSF properties and associated loans, and most other investments held within your SMSF on one screen.  Details of your superannuation contributions, insurance policies and estate planning nominations are also recorded for you.


4. Full Personal advice from a professional financial or general advice from a licensed SMSF expert.

The choice is yours. With various membership options available, you as the client can choose the level of service that suits your needs. If you would like to receive full-personalised advice for all aspects of running your SMSF, we can help. Alternatively, if you would like to make all of the investment decisions for your SMSF, but have a professional hold your hand and ensure you are compliant and don’t make a mistake, general advice would be more suitable.


5. Access to a team of experts

As a member of The SMSF Club you gain access to fully qualified experts who cover many specialised areas. When you join the SMSF Club you will be appointed a SMSF adviser who will help you manage the day to day running of your fund. You will also gain access to individuals who specialise in life insurance, legal and compliance, and professional investment managers. All of these consultants are there to support you in being a successful trustee.


6. Access to investment opportunities specifically designed for SMSFs

As a SMSF Club member, you will be introduced to investments specifically designed for SMSF’s, with our group buying power, you gain access to these investment opportunities.